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    Cigarette Burns GoodBad
    Seat Wear GoodBad
    Seat Belt Condition/Operation GoodBad
    Windscreen Wipers/Washers GoodBad
    Lights/Indicators/Horn GoodBad
    Hand Brake Operation GoodBad
    Radio/Bluetooth Operation GoodBad
    Vehicle Cleanliness
    Vehicle Cleanliness
    Door Operation/Condition GoodBad
    Fuel Cap GoodBad
    Ad Blue Cap GoodBad
    Cab Switches GoodBad
    No Smoking Sign GoodBad

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    Fuel Level
    Ad Blue Level

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    Please pass the device to the driver off-hiring the vehicle

    By signing the below you agree that the above vehicle check is correct and any damage located on the vehicle that wasn't recorded on the original hire agreement will be chargeable to you, along with any variance in fuel at £1.50 per litre. Any dart charges, PCNs or speeding tickets within the hire agreement period will be sent to you.

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