Vehicle Service

Start Time:

Vehicle on the floor:

Check slam locks:
Check visible damage:
Check condition of seatbelts:
Check operation of interior/exterior lights:
Check for warning lights on dash display:
Check horn:
Check windscreen washers/wipers:
Lubricate door hinges/locks/bonnet catches:
Check air condition operation:
Check operation of suspension dampeners:
Check 12V Socket/USB:
Check number plates:
Check windscreen:
Check adblue level:

Vehicle Fully Raised:

Check for engine oil leaks:
Check for gearbox oil leaks:
Check gearbox oil level:
Check differential oil leak:
Check all steering & suspension joints:
Check CV gaiters & joints for wear or splits:
Check the condition and security of exhaust:
Check underside for corrosion or damage:
Check hydraulic brake lines:
Check fuel lines:
Check clutch cable/cylinder:
Check steering rack condition:
Check for coolant leaks:

Vehicle Half Raised:

Replaced? MakePart Number
Check front discs:
Check front pads:
Check rear discs:
Check rear pads:
Check drums and shoes:
Check handbrake cable:
Carry out tyre report:
Check wheel bearings for play:

Under Bonnet Operations:

Check brake fluid level/condition:
Check power steering operation/fluid:
Check engine breather system:
Check anti freeze condition:
Check cooling fan operation:
Check vacuum pipes:
Check battery:
Check battery terminals:
Check engine oil level:

Tyre Report:

Tyre Depth(mm)ConditionReplaced? Make Part Number

Torque Report:

Tyre mmCondition


Fluid Replenishment:

Drain Oil
Brake Fluid:
Washer Fluid:


Description Replaced? Make Part Number
Oil Filter:
Air Filter:
Fuel Filter:
Engine Oil:

Final Item Checks:

Road Test:
Re-check engine oil level:
Reset service light:
Ensure all upholstery is clean:
Stamp service book:

Advisories/Additional Work Required:

Finish Time: